Tuesday, December 2

Beckham First Thanksgiving and other holiday fun

Beckham got to eat "real" baby food on Thanksgiving. (not just rice cereal) I gave him sweet peas and sweet potatoes!! He LOVED them. It was hard to get a good picture of him eating because he wanted to eat the turkey on his bib. lol

Parker was way more interested in entertaining everyone than eating his turkey lunch. he loved Hiding in Papa's cabinets and scaring everyone. :)

The next day we all helped out and got our Christmas stuff out and put away. the boys came out side with us too. They both had fun watching me panic over which ornaments were lost and which ones weren't. We had a blast sorting through stuff. Here are some pics of the boys enjoying their lovely Friday afternoon.

We also got Beckham a new highchair this weekend. He was a little unsure of it the first time. but I have since added toys and now he loves it.

Beckham also mastered sitting up this weekend. He can do it and he does he just gets lazy and decides to fall over when he is tired. lol

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