Thursday, December 11

Brotherly Love

I have to say I am so proud of Parker he has really been a great big brother. He just adores Beckham and he is very protective of him. He doesn't want Beckham out of his sight and gets hysterical when he thinks we are going to leave Beckham behind. It is really sweet to see the two of them interact together. Beckham is now getting to where he notices Parker's presence. He smiles and gets very excited when his big brother is around. Beckham has started to talk back to Parker and Parker mimics the things I say to him. It is hilarious. Since Beckham came home from the hospital Parker has wanted to take naps with Beckham. He sometimes gets to the point of tears when I dont let him. He just doesn't understand the danger in it. But today I decided to go ahead and try it. Crazy right? I actually laid in the room with them for a little while trying to rest off a head ache... OK I am lying I was just flat tired :). I was never able to fall asleep so I got up and did some things around the house. 5 minutes later I went in to check on them and this is what I found...

They looked so cute all snuggled together. This is hoe Phillip and Parker snuggle on the weekends so I guess he was trying to be like daddy :). Ah my loves they are so wonderful. I praise God for them daily.

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