Tuesday, December 30

Christmas Fun

Chirstmas was so much fun this year with both of the boys. We started celebrating Christmas with a lunch at my parents house and the boys got to open their gifts from Mimi an Poppi. They got a bunch of good stuff. Phillip and I also got some fun stuff. (Thank you for the great gifts we love them.) Then for dinner Christmas Eve we had Phillip's family over for Enchilada's and we exchanged gifts and played dirty Santa. It was a blast. Everyone got great gifts. Christmas morning came too early at our house this year. I was sitting in the living room drinking my usual cup of coffee at 6Am and Phillip was still in bed when Parker came in the living room crying for a cup of water...It was too funny he stopped dead in is tracks when he saw all the loot "Santa" brought him. He said "WOW Santa thank you, thank you very much Santa." While looking aimlessly in the air. lol. He loved all the stuff he got. For lunch on Christmas day we headed over to Phillip's dad's house for some Prime Rib before we headed outta town. At 2 we left for Dallas to spend some time with my side of the family. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Beckham enjoying the wrapping paper.
Parker opening his gifts.Beckham wearing his Christmas Dinner
Gifts from Santa
Parker trying to wake up...Now he is awake and enjoying his presents.Beckhams really enjoyed his too.Phillip's family after Christmas lunch.

Daddy and Beckham loving each other.

Peek-a-boo i see you

My cousin Chelsea and I

Whoo Whoo Ta-da

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