Saturday, December 20

Date Night

This past Friday Parker and I got to go on a date while Daddy watched Beckham. Parker got a bath so he would be squeaky clean for our date. We he combed his hair to the side and picked out the shirt he wanted to wear. I have to say he sure looked handsome. I also got dressed a little nicer to match my sweet date. Daddy took a picture of the special occasion. Parker Let me drive us to the theatre and without argument let me pay... he is not giving up his quarters unless it is for a ride on Scoop at the mall lol. Parker got to choose our meal and he wanted Kung Fu Panda noodles...aka Ramen Noodles. So we had some delicious Kung Fu Panda noodles and went to see the new movie Bolt. Parker loved the movie. He did really well. We held hands the whole time in line and he kept telling me I was so very Handsome. (Awww how sweet) In the theatre he did great. He sat in my lap for a good 45 min then got tired and wanted to sit in his own seat. It kept folding up on him so he decided mommies lap wasn't so bad. Needless to say my evening with my lil man was great and I can't wait to do it again~

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