Saturday, December 20

What a Saturday

We had an awesome and hilarious afternoon with Parker. For some reason we dicided it would be fun to put Parker in the back of one of his dump trucks and let him roll down our drive way into the alley... It was fun and he loved it. Then Mommy got the big idea that she wanted to do it also. Daddy captured an awesome video of mommy rolling down the driveway and belly flopping in the ally after she hit the utility box. lol. (Oh this is all going on as our neighbors our watching from their drive) Despite the skinned knees, rode rashed arm and splinters mommy continued her playing and peddeled Parkers John Deere trackor around the alley. Parker loved going for rides on the tractor. After Parker got the big idea to get his 4wheeler and zoom down the drive after a running start and face planting the concrete we decided it was time to get our big boy a helmet and shoulder/knee pads. I see many many dangerous adventures in our near future. (probably with mommy taggin along behind him)

Exhausted after a long day.

video to come.......

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