Saturday, January 31

Bath Time is the Best Time

Well at least it is in our hosuehold. Both boys love bath time. Parker would take a bath 3 times a day if allowed. (Sometimes he needs it and he loves these days) Each time they take a bath there is a new adventure. Parker is getting good at pretend play and it is hilarious. We are either sailing the ocean with a bass boat, building town roads with his awesome foam tracks, swimming with nemo or just splashing like crazy. Beckham is proud now that he can sit up in the tub alone with out help. he also discover last week that he can lay on his tummy in the tub. He loves to "swim" in the water. Bath time is now filled his squeels of delight from each boy as they play together. It make for great pictures and fun memories. Here are a few fun pics we have take over the last couple of weeks of our bath time fun.  

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