Monday, January 5


Parker and his daddy on the carosel.
Parker and Phillip snow tubing
Me fixing to push parker down the slope...he was terrified but I made him conquer the mini slope. what a big boy (although he screamed the whole was down lol)
Exhausted after a long day of pure FUN!
So happy always...

My handsome little man!
My other Handsome Man,
The whole family!

Phillip and I took the boys to Ruidoso for a quick trip the weekend after New Years. We had a ton of fun. We tried Snow Tubing with Parker which wasn't a success but it was a blast. He was a little scared of tubing down the hill, but we made him try. The snow was scary to him also, he slipped on the ice of couple of times which he thought was traumatizing. However he highly enjoyed the Carnival rides they had there. The train was a huge hit. Here are some pictures from our weekend getaway in the mountains.

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