Thursday, May 14

New House

Here are some pictures of the beginning of our new house. It should be structurally complete August 31 but who knows when it will be completely decorated. I have lots of fun ideas for this house. We are so excited. Parker is even showing interested in the new house. He is finding the whole process very interesting. He really thinks Bob the Builder is building our house. ;) We have explained to Parker on our blue prints where all the rooms are going to be and that him and Beckham are going to have their very own play room. He talks about his play room everyday. he has asked daddy for a new train table to go in there. We shall see if we can find room for one as a welcome to your new home present for the boys. Also he tells me everyday that daddy is going to buy him a park to go in his new backyard. This is true and we are very excited. I know these pictures don't look like much but we will post some fun ones as things move further along. This is what the house looks like tonight tomorrow they will start the foundation! 

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