Wednesday, June 24

My poor neglected Blog

I am so terrible about updating our blog these days. Between the house building project and summer activities I have lost all track of time. We have had some exciting things going on this summer. First the new house(which wont be complete until the end of August), then a great vacation and Phillip Skydiving. I have a ton of pictures to share with everyone so I will just briefly describe the events.

Parker loves to get to drive. (It must be a boy thing) So whenever we are out he gets to "drive" down our street on the way home and pull into the garage. This is a BIG deal to him. A little annoying at times but he loves it.
It is impossible for me to get a picture taken with Beckham seeing that I am always the one behind the camera. Here is an attempt at one of the two of us.
Our new house is coming up super fast. We are loving it already. I am so ready to move in. Only another month and half to go. I am super excited about having a pool just around the block. (It is walking distance from our backyard)
I took the boys to a public pool for the first time a couple a weeks ago. We met some great friends there. The pool sure helps the days fly by. And it is so nice to have a place to go where the kids don't fight over toys the whole time. This is Parker and his sweet girlfriend Lillie. (He adores her)

Last week Phillip and his partner decided it would be "awesome" to sky dive. I personally think it is crazy and would NEVER do it. Someone would have to pay me lots of $$$ to jump out of a flying plane. But Phillip did it and LOVED it he is ready to go again next week with a client and a friend.

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  1. Haha I love reading about how your boy gets excited when he gets to drive! That's so adorable.


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