Monday, August 30

Curtains Project Style...

I have been on the hunt for the perfect canvas curtains for our home office all summer. I have been so discouraged at the prices of the ones I love. I'm talking $400 a panel!! With our up coming expenses that is just not doable. One day, while standing in my office, thinking of what else I could do, (since I don't sew, but I'm learning), I had an idea... "What if I used painters drop clothes?" So i ran up to Home Depot and found the perfect size.... 5'x9'. I have 9' ceilings in my office so this would be perfect for a nice puddling effect. I washed and dried them, and iron them for what felt like an hour.... Finally, my sweet, sweet husband who stayed up until midnight hanging my rod for me, clipped them on using basic standard curtain rings and clips.
 Voila! Canvas panels for a whopping $7.99 a panel. Fabulous!! Now I just need chairs in front of that big window ;). 
What do ya think? 

View from dining room

View in office

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