Tuesday, August 24

End of an Era and The Beginning of New Things

Today was Phillip's first day of his LAST SEMESTER of school. Can you hear my excitement? After 6 long years of college he will finally be done with school!! I cannot believe it. We met in January of 2005 (beginning of his 2nd semester of school) and got married in October of 2005. During his college years, we met, we married, had baby #1 in March of 2006, we have moved 5 times, had baby #2 and are in the process of growing our family. It has been a crazy 5 yrs. for us. December cannot come fast enough. The long evenings of him at school every night from 5-10pm will be OVER! Our life is going to change so much in December.  Come December he will be a free man!! Well, at least from school that is. HA!  Finally we will be able to have a normal family "evening" life with our boys. We have never had that.  Now we are praying for encouragement to get past this last stretch.

Other then me celebrating all day that today is the last first day of Phillip's college career. We have been good and busy. We are continuing to hear God's calling for our family. Though at times, it is hard to determine what are legitimate worries and fears and what is coming from the enemy. It seems like the closer Phil and I draw to God and the more we are seeking his heart the more the enemy is attacking and the more forceful his attacks are. It has been along time since I have been under this many personal attacks.  I am so thankful that I have a wonderful Godly husband who stops what he is doing any given time of day to pray with me over the phone when I am in the midst of an attack. I am finding myself completely drained at the end of each day because of these mini inner battles. The are exhausting. But I know God is growing me and my family. Through all of our trials and through all of our victories he is leading to where he wants us to be.

The boys started their new school this week. I am bummed I forgot my camera each day:(. After praying for a whole semester last year about where to send our boys to school we decided on Trinity School here in Midland. It is so wonderful! I know God placed us here for a reason. The Montessori based program is going to be so good for Parker. Beckham is in what they call 2PC (PC= Play Center) He goes MWF from 8:45-10:45 and LOVES it. I was a little nervous the first day, I was sure he was going to scream and throw a huge fit like he did when we moved him up to his new room at church. But he walked right in, waved and in the sweetest Texas hick accent you have ever heard said "Hi, friends" and went right to playing. My baby is getting so big. Parker is going M-F from 12-3. This whole everyday schedule is a new concept for him. He is used to just T&Th. But his teacher Mrs. Brown is amazing. She makes the room feel so inviting. The first day they learned about caterpillars and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He recited nearly the whole book back to use when he got home. He was very impressed that they turn into butterflies. Of course when I asked what is favorite part of the day was he told me "going to the Library. I even got to check out my own book!" He loves to read. Parker still amazes us daily with his imaginative play and his creative mind. His memory is impeccable and his ability to retain information is amazing. (He definitely got that all from his daddy)

After a really hard spring semester at mothers day out last year Phil and I have been asking God to work on Parker's heart and mind. (we were having some pretty bad behavior issues) God has been giving Phillip and I a lot of opportunity to show Parker Christ's love for him. As well as teaching him the fruits of the spirit and what they look like in our very day life. I am completely amazed by his understanding. Even his understanding of why Jesus died on the cross for us. This morning while getting ready for school he and Phil were talking about Jesus and Parker said "I know why Jesus died on the cross." He has told us this before so and we know that he knows he died for our sins but we asked him anyway. "Why did Jesus die on the cross." And like always Parker responded "Because he wanted to save us from our sin." Phillip decided to take the conversation further to see what all he knew so he asked him "why else did he die on the cross for us Parker?" Parker looked at him with a very matter-of fact way and said "Because we wanted all of us to be God's sons." AMAZING!! I can't believe my 4 yr. old understands that!

Any way there are a few updates on what is going on with the Knight family.  There will be more to come!

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