Wednesday, September 22

24 and Counting

The big 2-4! 24th year welcomed me this past friday. I woke up to snuggles and laughter. It was a great day. Parker and I took Beckham to school, which is always exciting for Parker. He loves to spend the mornings with me. But he was especially excited this morning. It was my Birthday! He loved that it was just me and him on my special day. He showered me with kisses and drew me the most beautiful cards. When it came time to take him to school. He hid under the table and cried the most devastating cry I have heard. He was heartbroken that he had to go to school on my birthday. He literally told me this "I wanted to spend the day with the Birthday day princess!!" Tears continuing at this point and streaming down his little round face. I couldn't decide if I was being sensitive or not so I called my bf and asked her if it were her son crying to stay home with her on her birthday would she let him play hooky. She said "for sure!" So I gave in and let him hang out with me. He was wonderful! He loved on me and kissed on me, he made me feel like a great momma. Later that day our social worker came over and took pictures of our house for our home study (she is wonderful). After she left I scrambled to get ready for dinner with my hubby and dear friends. I wan panicked because I was running out of time and we had reservations at this great restaurant in Odessa. running about 15 minuets behind we pulled up in my friends alley, which i gave hubby a hard time about. (it is so weird to pick your friends up in their garage for a double date, isn't it?) Any way we pulled up and she ran out. She was super excited and want to show me the new pictures our agency director had sent her of her sweet girls before we left. So we ran inside to get a quick peak. When I ran through the back door and looked up all of my friends and family were there standing in her kitchen yelling SURPRISE!!! It was AWESOME!!!! Best SURPRISE!!! EVER!!! I was so shocked I actually did a funny cry laugh. I cannot believe that everyone pulled it off. I loved it. They had a yummy meal catered and sweet gifts. My best friend, husband and mom gave the best speeches to me. I truly felt loved! I know for sure that this next year and the years to come will be the best I've had. Thank you all for loving me and supporting me on my special day! You are all awesome and loved as well.

The whole gang!
My mom and dad
Our besties, Lana and Jae
Parker drew me as Tinkerbell in her lantern for my birthday 
Me as the Birthday Princess

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