Monday, September 13

Facebook Fast

So, sometime in the middle of July I felt like God was telling me to deactivate my Facebook and take a "break" from Facebook. I was clearly spending way too much time browsing everyone’s page and just checking out their lives and what everyone was doing. Shamefully and embarrassing enough Facebook slowly became more important then playing with the boys, laundry and more importantly my time with the Lord. Usually I spend naptime working on a devotional and in the Word, but this summer I put those things aside to be on Facebook. I fought God on this for a while. I really like being able to see my friend’s kids grow up who don't live around me, and I like to hear news about whose is getting married, who is pregnant, who’s having a boy or a girl, etc.  But the longer I ignored the voice telling me to "sign off" the more irritable I became and the more annoyed I got during my Facebook browsing. Not annoyed at anyone but annoyed that I was sitting there doing nothing but browsing. I became restless and uncomfortable. So I confided in some friends and told them how I was feeling and they encouraged me to take my "break" and deactivate my account. They held me accountable. So the last week of July I deactivated. The first day was hard because I am nosey, lol, but it got easier. During my break from the "Facebook world" I dedicated that time to spending time with the Lord. We all know He is jealous of our time, so I acknowledged that and spent time with him. I am so amazed at what he has shown me during my "break". He has spoke to me and loved on me. He has shown me my talents and where my heart is. He has shown me what I am supposed to be doing with my time and where I am supposed to serve. All it took was a tiny step of submission and obedience. I challenge you to submit to the Lord if he is calling you to something, even if it is something as tiny as taking a break from Facebook or TV. He will bless that sacrifice and time. He will show you his heart and his will, he just needs you to be open and willing to hear. God loves you and he jealous of your time too

During this time I got all my adoption stuff filled out and sent in. Now we are just waiting. God has shown me a new love for the orphans. With the talents God has given me I plan on helping support other families who are trying to adopt. This process is very long and expensive. So I have been doing a number of things. I will be making cute headbands and hair-clips, painting furniture and canvas', whichever. I will also be a making other random thing, seeing that I am learning to sew. ;) The name of this "project" will be Small Bird. Jenna means small bird, and there is another significant meaning behind it. Please contact me if you are interested in me creating something special for you. All of the profit will go to families in the adoption process. I will post here and on Facebook prices of the things I make. You can email me at 

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