Thursday, September 9

Keep Calm and Craft On

I love crafts. Though I have not done them in a while up until now. I have always wanted to use my creative side but never made time for it. Until recently. I have been overloaded with ideas. I am always looking for a new project. Since Parker is in school from 12-3 and Beckham naps from 12-3. I have decided to designate that Craft Time! I am so excited. It is like therapy to me. To be able to create something is so refreshing. I recently was given a sewing machine and I am learning to sew. (which I love) I have been repainting or half bath and redecorating it. (I am going a new direction) And I am beautifying a cheap lamp from Target, painted a canvas for a friend, as well as trying my hand at sweet hair clips and headbands for some little friends of the boys. Here are some pictures of what I have been working on.

"Vintage Toy Story Pez Wall Art" for my sweet friend.
It will has a big frame around it when complete.
Original lamp in Pictures in the Last post... fabric rosettes will go all the way around the bottom and top. Maybe I'll post more pics later. Some of the hair things are gifts so I don't want to share them yet. ;)

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