Monday, September 27

Momma... I'm wise

Today Parker informed me in the car that he is wise. The conversation went something like this...

Parker: "Momma, did you know that I am wise."
Me: "Really? What does wise mean Parker?"
Parker: "Wise means that you remember everyone's name and who they are, and that you know what is good and bad. It means that you know when you are doing the bad thing and when you are going to get in trouble and you should really do the good thing."
Me: "Wow Parker, that is wise."
Parker: "But I'm just 4 year old wise. I'm not big year old wise yet. But when I am big like daddy, I am going to be big wise.
I love the heart of my child. I can't figure out where he learned this whole "wise" thing from. I am hoping that the Lord is speaking to his heart at the young age. Parker is special and he has a special heart. When there little truths come out of him it melts my heart.

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  1. What awesome comments from a 4 year old! I'm learning so much from my 2 year old son about what is really important--it seems they have a way of boiling it all down, don't they?

    Hopped over from It's Almost Naptime--looking forward to T4A this weekend.


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