Wednesday, September 15

My Hero...Err My HEROS!

I love love LOVE being a momma of boys! They continually melt my heart and amaze me. Their zeal for life is inspiring. They are adventurous, creative, strong, confident, handsome and just flat out fun! One day last week they insisted on being called "Spiderman" and "Captain America" neither one of them responded to me when I called them by Parker or Beckham. They must have some kind of brotherly pact between each other to gang up on me.  So Spiderman, Captain America and I spent this really hot and miserable lovely afternoon outside. I pretended to be the damsel in distress while they set out to save me. Of course this time of role play was not allowed in the back yard, that was completely out of the question. Per the demands of my HEROS we played in the front yard. It was hot and miserable lovely.  These are the memories that I hope will stick with them for a life time. I had to capture some on camera. I hope to never forget these sweet moments. I am so in love with my little HEROS!

My Spiderman and Captain America
If any of you know Beckham you know this is his famous Superhero pose. Bumm Bumm!! Then he's off. 

Laughing at himself trying to sneak my energy drink ;)

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