Monday, September 20

Pass it Forward

Lately my heart has had a burning desire to serve. In my head I think I need to be over seas.  I'm thinking, lets pack up, sell everything and go live in Addis Ethiopia. My heart longs to be near these children and families. But realistically right now, in this season of my life, God is not telling me, or my husband that I can or we can go or that we are even supposed to go. He is however placing a burden on my heart for these people. I love how God places sensitivity on your heart in an areas but doesn't tell you why or what to do with that. You are just supposed to search you heart, search the word, seek his face, and desire his will and slowly, sometimes rapidly things will start working its self out and God will start revealing his heart to you. I talked to a new friend on the phone the other day about how amazing God is and how his plan is so beautiful. He is the most creative orchestrator. Over the last 6 months there has been bizarre things happen that now make complete sense. I met my new sweet friend at my best friends 30th Birthday party back in June. Many of you know her. Here is her blog. Go read it! I never really thought much about meeting her at the time. I thought "Wow she's fun" and went on. Over the course of the remainder of June and July other crazy things happened like my dream, my best friends quirky adoption dream, the discovery of Korah and us adopting. Well it turns out that my new friend has a younger sister who went on the mission trip to Korah! And she was apart of the team that went with the blog I talked about earlier. Now her sister is moving there in November to live among the least of these and show them the Love of our God! Amazing! So my new friend, and I are adopting kids from the same orphanage and using the same agency. As well as my best friend who is adopting the sweet girls I fell in love with. God is BEAUTIFUL!!  God has been conducting these things for months now and it is all falling together. Beautifully. Since my body can't be in Ethiopia it has to be here I am trying to find way to serve people and love on people. God has placed on our hearts to help families who are trying to raise money to adopt. So I am going to try my best to raise some money for my new sweet friend! If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have noticed I have made a few little hair accessories. I can paint furniture and canvas' as well. Hopefully I can post some pics soon of furniture and canvas' I have done. But all of the profit will go towards them getting their sweet kids home. With in the next day or so I will set up a Pay Pal button on the side of my blog. You can use this to purchase something from me or to simply donate to them. Will you please help me bring these precious kids home? Click here to read their story.  Also please feel free to send our blog address to all of your friends and family. Our friends, and us, need as many prayers as we can get during this journey. 


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