Friday, October 8

5 Years

A quick rendition of how it began: 

In January of 2005 I began my spring semester of my freshman year in college. Once again in remedial Algebra. (Really, who fails the same tests twice? I mean, seriously?) I began the semester with normal expectations. I was gonna sit through this miserable class and endure all the pain that numbers bring me until May and then I would be done. (at least temporarily) The first night of class was normal. I walked in awkwardly not knowing but one person, Carlos, my sweet friend who had spent the fall semester with me in remedial reading. (Seriously? I can read I promise!) During class I had one of those uncomfortable "someone is staring me down" feelings. I ignored it and went on my way. This happened night after night. There was this one boy who sat right behind and diagonal from me whom I desperately and secretly wished was the one staring. He was oh so cute. This "oh so cute" boy, Carlos and I began to go to Math Lab together every night after class. (This "oh so cute" boy and Carlos were also friends from the previous semester.) I really began to like this cute boy. I wanted him to notice me but he never did. I was shy, quiet and never made eye contact. He made me so nervous. One night at math lab there was this girl  who was flirting with this cute boy. I was so annoyed that this loud, rowdy, flirty, beautiful girl was going in for the kill before I had a chance. I was ready to knock her outta her chair backwards. I calmly sat there working on my math problem while she flirted away. (all while wishing it was me he was flirting with) When lab was over I was scrambling to get outta there. As we were walking out I was chatting with Carlos trying to ignore this cute boy and pretend his little flirt session didn't bother me one bit. (I don't have a very good poker face) Carlos and I were walking to our car when I simply stated that I was starving. I had no intentions in this statement other then stating I was starving. Well....  "cute boy" heard and said "Hey, I'm hungry too, lets go to Rosas." Wait! Hold Up! Did cute boy just ask me to go eat with him??? Instantly I start sweating. I cannot go eat with him. I am so nervous. I try to squirm my way out of it but I just can't. I invite Carlos to go with us but he has plans. Great! Now I am going to be with the cute boy aloooone!! AHHHH!!! I agree to go and we part ways. I convince Carlos on the walk to our cars to go with me because I am nervous to go with cute boy alone. (Carlos had just gotten out of prison in California a few months earlier. He was in prison for assault with a deadly weapon.) If anyone could protect me in case of emergency it would be Carlos. ;) We go, we eat, Carlos leaves, "cute boy" and I have a great time. This cute boy turns out to be the one and only LOVE of my life... Phillip. Fast forward a few months...jump over some really embarrassing and shameful months... to August 2005. On August 23,20005, after moving in with Phillip and moving back in with my parents after 2 months, I wake up with what I think is the flu from HELL!! I literally thought I was dying. My life was over. I was gonna die from this flu at 18. Ok... so I was little dramatic. But it was bad. It turn out that I was pregnant. YIKES!!! PREGNANT??? How can this be?? Six and a half weeks later on October 8, 2005 I married my best friend. (5 months later we welcome Parker) We have come along ways in the last 5 years. We have overcome so much. We have seen prayers answered and miracles happen. If it weren't for the grace of God and my little peanut Parker I would not be married to the one I love today.  This story, our story, is only a story today because of our little man. I am oh so thankful for our little man. I am not good at public affection it makes me awkward, but, today is different. Here's a little mushy, ushy-ness (try hard not to gag) ;)  


The last 5 years have been the best five years of my entire life. The Fourth year was the best so far. I know they will continue to get better and more amazing. You are truly a blessing to my soul. You have shown me who I have always been but wasn't confident enough to be. You have challenged me, encouraged me, grown me and loved me like no one ever has. You have stood by my side through my most bratty and rough moments. You have loved me when I couldn't love myself and for that I am forever grateful. My soul is bound to yours and your to mine. You are the best part of me. You still melt my heart and put butterflies in my stomach. Your smile and laughter bring joy to my heart. You are so special to me and I love you more than I can find words to say. I am honored to share life with you and for you to call me your wife. You are my best friend, my buddy, my soul mate. I love you more and more each day. I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. I can't wait to grow old with you and enjoy our family we created together. I couldn't imagine life with out you here to share it with. I feel truly blessed that I have you. I love you!


our wedding day. October 8, 2005

us now with the little man who started it all. 

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  1. Beautiful. . . what an amazing, beautiful testimony!! What a gorgeous love!! I'm so refreshed by your honesty and blessed by the love the two of you have for one another. . . Yall are awesome!


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