Tuesday, November 30

Thankfulness and Feasting

This thanksgiving we had a lot to be thankful for. We are very happily married, we have two very handsome boys, we have a fun family, a loving church family, the greatest friends anyone could ask for and way more than we need. I was reflecting on thanksgiving day on all that God has done for us since last Thanksgiving. He has done a lot.  He has done some huge things and some small things. All very important and meaningful. Some of the small things but still just as important as the big things include:

Me being 15-20 lbish lighter than last than last year (depending on the day of course)
Phillip being in the best shape he has been in a long time
Parker loving and thriving at his school
Beckham being 80% potty trained (we have good and bad days)
Beckham also loving and thriving at his new school
New friends
New members of the family
New volunteer opportunities with the Junior League of Midland

And some of the Huge things I am Thankful for:

Phillip & I's baptisms and our new unity in Christ
Our Best Friends/Family not by blood but by spirt adopting the two most beautiful Ethiopian Princesses
Another great friend conceiving the daughter God promised her 4 years ago
Our little Ethiopian Princess Emerson God has placed on our hearts
God stripping me of my rotten flesh and refining my heart
Phillip's graduation on Dec 11th!!!!!

I know I am leaving some things out. God has blessed us immensely, it is hard to get it all in on paper. We are so undeserving of our blessings. But I am eternally grateful for them.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year for a whole week. We kicked it off with Parker school feast. I love Parkers little school. I am so grateful that God has allowed us to put our babies there. Here are some clips & pics of his Thankful Feast as he calls it.

I forgot to take pictures of Thanksgiving day! Booo!!! I am rotten I know! But we celebrate it with Phillips side of the family. We had lots of yummy food and I got a to take an awesome 2 hour nap with little B.

On Friday we drove to Weatherford and spent the day with my mom's side of the family. It was great to see all of my cousins and meet my second cousin Ella. She is great! I just love her! I wish we lived closer.

My cousin Eric, Phillip and my cousin Keith doing the dishes for us ladies.
My mom and her grand babies and my Aunt Jeanie and her sweet Ella
Me and my Dad
My Nannie and Papa and their great grand babies
Enjoying each other
My kids with my neice and my cousin's daughter Ella

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving we headed into Fort Worth to take the boys to the Zoo. We had a blast! They loved it. After the zoo we met up with my aunt and uncle and cousins for dinner at PF Changs (Yummy) then my cousin Eric and his wife Natalie went with us to the Gaylord Texan for a fun and freezing night at ICE. 

My sweet Beckham... my camera died after this shot bummer...

These little guys were made entirely of ice! It was awesome!

9 degrees is too cold for these boys!

sweet Ella!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well. 

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