Wednesday, December 29

Happy Birthday Jesus

The holiday was a little crazy this year. With Phillip's sisters in town and trying to figure out what our family traditions are going to be we got a little side tracked and didn't get to accomplish everything we wanted to this holiday. We are trying to change the face of Christmas for our family. We want to really try and capture the real meaning of Christmas and not get lost in the commercialized part of Christmas. It is so easy to get wrapped up in gift, parties and dinners and completely over look the fact that it is a day set out of the year celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This year attending our churches Christmas Eve service to worship our Lord and acknowledge him was extremely important to me. I want my boys to understand Christmas and have a heart for the real meaning. And at the same time enjoy family and all the festivities it brings. I also wanted to have a Birthday party for Jesus. Shamefully I got wrapped up in trying to prepare my first big holiday meal and gift exchanges that we pushed it off and didn't do it. I have felt funky the last couple of days for not doing this so tonight we did. While Phillip cooked us a yummy dinner the boys and I baked Jesus his cake. After it cooled Beckham and I decorated it. We had to sing Happy Birthday twice because mid song the first go around Beckham blew the candle out and Parker had a  mini melt down. So.... we lit the candle again so Parker could have a turn blowing it out.  And then we devoured it. My little guys have a sweet heart for Jesus and I want to nurture that and keep it alive.

getting ready to bake

sharing the cake batter

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