Thursday, December 2

He Was Willing.... Are We?

What does it take to open the eyes of those who are hardened to the least of these? When we are open what are we going to do? What are we willing to do? It is so easy to say that we will bring change and we will rescue those in need and those who are left abandoned but are we really.  How many times do we let life get away with us and loose site of the calling... the commandment. When it comes down to it are we really willing? Are we willing to lay down all of the desires we have for our lives? All of the goals and the dreams that we had for our future? Are we willing to not indulge in the things of this world in order to have the resources to rescue those who are left hopeless and with out life? Is the sacrifice to big for us to do it? I struggle with some of these questions and thoughts and at times my flesh is groaning from the pain of it being torn off from my body.  My flesh tells me its not worth the stress, tears, the heart ache and the burden. My spirit is screaming to press on. To persevere. This video is amazing and it moved me. Please take the time to view it. It is for sure worth 8 min of your time. 

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