Tuesday, December 28

Keeping my mind busy

Since our dossier is officially on it's way to Ethiopia (as of 12-20) my mind has been going crazy. With things getting more and more complicated over there my heart is afraid. I am afraid that I wont be able to rescue the little one I feel God has shown my heart to love. There are 7 families ahead of us for an infant girl. I am not sure how many of those families are set on infant or how many are like us and are open to infant to age 3. I am hoping not many. God has been giving me dreams of her and in those dreams so seems toddler aged. I don't really know what age she will be or what she looks like but God does and she will come in his perfect timing. Watching friends go and meet their kids and get approved at court is hard. It hurts. It's strange how you can hurt and rejoice all at the same time. It is very exhausting and confusing. So to keep my self from wallowing around in my funkiness I have been working on crafts/projects and reading books. I have to keep my mind from feeding my flesh. My flesh is EVIL and I have to keep it in line. Here are some things that have been keeping me busy.

I made this lamp to go on my cute stripe piece of furniture Phillip got me for my anniversary last year. I love it and I love making them. I made one for my mom and for my nanny for Christmas.

I painted this painting for a friend. Her son is getting a bedroom make over. She is doing the super cute dino stuff from PBK and asked me if I could copy one of their painting that was way too much $$$. I tried my hand at it and I think it turned out pretty cute! I hung it in my playroom while we waited for Christmas to roll around. She didn't want her son to find it. I loved it so much in my playroom I am thinking about making myself one ;)

I have had this cute little side table in my attic for over a year. I knew I wanted it and I wanted to put it in a special place. I never had a vision for it until now! I painted it bright yellow and put it next to my red sofa chair in our playroom. I think it looks so sweet in there. It is a perfect place to set our books after storytime. 

I have still been making headbands to raise money for adopting families. It was crazy this month trying to get them all done. 

I started a new book and it is so good! I will probably blog about it more once I get more into it. I am only the first chapter ;)

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