Monday, January 10

Family Plan 2011

Phillip and I have been working on a Family Plan for 2011; kind of like a Business Plan but not really. Last week I was thinking of areas that we needed to work on as a family and since this is the first semester in 5 yrs. we have Phillip out of school we have time to really work on "Us". This is so exciting to us! We are thrilled to pieces to have daddy home every evening. I want 2011 to be so much better than 2010. And 2010 was a GREAT year for all of us. Our Marriage pulled a 180, the boys are bonding with each other better since Beckham is getting older, Phillip's business continues to amaze us (God is so good!), Phillip and I have both grown so much closer to God this year and we have decided to adopt. It has truly been a blessed year. But... We want 2011 to blow the socks off of 2010. That is why I have been praying about areas where I can be more intentional this year in making it better. In my quiet time one day last week 3 things came to mind that we can focus on to make 2011 better. I talked to Phillip about it and he loved the idea so we are going for it. Over the course of the year every month we will look for areas to Simplify, Grow and Create! I Love it!! We will take it month by month, project by project and idea by idea so we aren't overwhelmed by trying to change so much. 

So for January in the Simplify category we decided to do the Great Toy Purge of 2011. We have so many TOYS!! It is nuts. These kids have tiny toys coming out of their ears. So... today during Beckham's nap and while Parker was at school. I set out on my quest to eliminate all the unnecessary junk in the playroom. It felt GOOOOD!! Funny thing is the boys didn't even notice that 3/4th of their toys were thrown away magically gone
One messy Closet
The pile after gutting the closet 
Which ones will survive the Purge ?!

There were a couple of moments I thought about giving up and trashing it all. But I would have some devastated little ones tonight. Here is the finished project...

So much better.

Under Growing Phillip and I are trying to be more intentional about our children's walk with the Lord. Parker is getting very inquisitive about God and Jesus. Yesterday he asked Phillip "Dad, what does it really mean to be Son's of God?" Oh hurt my heart! My son wants to know more about the Lord. Phillip's face light up like a little boy on Christmas morning. He has been waiting for conversations like this. He  knelt down to Parker's level and began explaining to him what it meant. I quietly left the room and let them have "their moment." Parker soaked it all in and remembers what his daddy said. Even if he doesn't actually "get it" Phillip still had the opportunity to plant a seed of Truth in his son's mind and heart. Someday he will remember that conversation. I don't have a picture of that moment but I do have a pretty darn cute one of my boys saying their bed time prayers. 

Is that not the cutest thing you ever saw?! Lovely Love this! 

And now to Creating. I have lots of thought intensive and very time consuming, family time stealing little projects that can go under the Create title. I have been busy painting and crafting and thrifting (I heart thrifting or junking whichever you like to call it). Here is some of the things that have been keeping me busy. 

This is the latest painting I have been working on. I painted it for my friend Lana. It is going in her girl's room
This is the disgustingly dirty and smelly awesome brass lamp I found for 6.95!!! 8) It is dusty and the shade has cigi rings all over it. *Sick*
Here is the after! I really like it! 

I am trying to give my house a face lift. I have decided I really like alot of bright color, so... I am sure I will have many more posts of all my little changes. 

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