Saturday, January 29

Junky Fun Finds

I have discovered a new passion. I love to go junkin'! I mean I always enjoyed but now I reeaallyy enjoy it! I think I might be slightly out of control. My garage is starting to look like a mini flea market. There is something about gettin' in the car and searchin' for the perfect junk! Oh man, it is so exciting. HAHA. Here are a couple of my newest finds.
I found the beautiful table for...get ready.... $5.99!!!!

This awesome lamp was $7.50... It is so neat it hangs on the wall! 

I love the color of this chest but it has to go... It just doesnt match my anthro bedding :(

I love the scraped top. Hmmm I wonder if I can leave the top like this.... 

And this neat lamp was $7.50! I love shape and I love the shade. I think I might have a mini lamp and lamp shade obession! HEHE!

Those are my cool finds this week. I can't can't wait to finish all of them. 

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