Monday, January 10


At life-group last week we were asked "what are you expecting from God this year?" I had thought alot about this earlier that day. I thought it was funny and ironic we were talking about it that night. This year I want to know God more than I got to know him last. I have prayed for a long time to be able to hear God. I realized that you can't hear God unless you are listening, and you can't listen when you are distracted with 500 million things and your prayers are flying all over the place. Sometimes God needs us to just sit and Listen. And when we sit and listen with our minds silenced we can hear him. I feel like I am hearing him from time to time but I also think I hear what I want to hear only and not what I am really hearing. This year I not only want to listen to God and hear God but, I also want to listen to other things. I want to listen to my children and hear them and their needs even when they are silent. I want to listen to my husband even when he is silent. I want to listen to my heart and not doubt it. I have decided that Listen is going to be my word for the year. I get overwhelmed really easily and I tend to forget the plans/goals I make for myself so I decided to choose a word to zero in on and make it my goal this year to live by it. I will LISTEN. Listen will be my touchstone. The word that will bring me back to the center of life when things seem crazy and out of my control. The word that will bring me closer to God and the word that will help me to learn his voice. Listen...

The definition of Listen is : : to give ear to:to pay attention to sound: to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration : to be alert to catch an expected sound.

For me the word Listen will help me to trust, grow, learn, explore, to let go, to hope, to understand, create, to pray, to be mindful, to embrace, to teach, live to my fullest, to be mindful of those around me and to feel. 

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