Thursday, January 6

Photo Contest!!

I need your votes!! 

This Fall we had the boys pictures taken by the fabulous Kayla Barker with Spink Studio. She is so talented. She is doing a giveaway for her clients and the winner get a free 16x20 print of there favorite photo from their session. That is a $125 value! I really want this! This is how I can win. All you need to do is follow the link I have posted below and vote for Knight Boys. They are the handsome little ones that have the greatest smiles! You can see their personality all over their faces! I Love It! So it would mean alot to me if you could please vote for us! 

This is the photo you are voting for!!

Thank you all for the votes! Even if I don't will the free 16x20 I will still love you. But I really really want to win this!! It would look so great in my house!! 

Love you all lots!

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  1. So cute! Will do!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama


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