Saturday, January 1

Reflecting on 2010

2010 was a big year in our house. The first of the year started out slow but the last half was fast and furious. This past year has been the best year of our marriage, the best year with our kids, the best year spiritually and the best year with Phillip's business. Here is kindof and over view of the year:

Janurary: Phillip turned 24 and we went to NYC
West Side from Central Park
View from Empire State Building

Febuary: It snowed big one day and we spent all day in it. We also were a host home for a youth event and had 13 sophomore girls in our house for an enitre weekend! It was a church event.
Our house covered in rare snow!
Our snow Family. 

The girls and I during NAN (Not a Normal Weekend)

March: Parker turned 4 and had the funnest Super Hero party!
The cape ceremony where all of the Kids became Official SuperHeros with the capes I made them.
The Villain throw Kryptonite in the party the destroy the fun but all of the Little Heros saved the day!
Then the Villain tried to Steal the Cake! But never fear...They sprayed him with their spired web! (Phillip was the perfect villain...what a sport)
Proud Parker with his Hero cake!

April: Nothing super exciting happened in April but we had some fun moments and good laughs!
Lana and I at the Fair that came to town. 
Phillip and Jae getting ready for a thrill. 
The Boys convinced us that we should try. 

May: This was a good month. Phillip and I were baptized, I had my surgery and we ended the month with a fun trip to the Lake. 

Shooting water at the dog. 
Parker and his catfish

June: My sister got married. The boys and I went out of town for a week. Parker and his buddy Lincoln started swim lessons. My BFF turned 30!
The Boys swimming at my aunts house in Marble Falls.
Parker and Lincoln first day of swim.
Jill and I after the wedding
Lana and I at her Party

July: Phillip's Mom and Sisters came to visit and Beckham turned 2!!

Phillip with his mom, sisters and brother.
Cake I made Beckham for his swimming party.
Beckham diving in!

August : My little sister turned 17, Parker had a pretty big asthma flare up, and we signed our papers to begin our adoption journey!!

Celebrating Jamie
Sick Parker

September: I turned 24! I know I am so old ;) Launch my adoption fund project!

At my surprise Party
Gifts ;)


October: My cousin's wife and baby came for a quick visit, NYC again, Parker learning to ride his bike, fiddle sticks with the family, Halloween.

Amanda and Anslee
View from our hotel
Learning to Ride
 Painful Slide LOL
 Class Costume Party

Novemeber: Parkers first dental cleaning, Poop Camp round 2, Thanksgiving and Zoo.
Cleaning those Toofies
Tada!! He did it!! 100% potty Trained in less then a month!!

December: PHILLIPS GRADUATION!!! , Christmas and New Years Eve!

Whoohoo!! It's over!!
Us at his grad party!
Me and my friend Melody at our NYE party
Good Friends mingling
Voting out Mafia! 

2010 holds lots of great memories. It was a fantastic year. I look forward to all that 2011 holds!!

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