Tuesday, February 22

Clearing My Projects

"My garage looks like a flea market!" 
I have been collecting my awesome craigslist finds and junk shop treasures for awhile. I have a few unfinished projects that my dear husband basically demanded in a very kind and loving yet frustrated way that I need to get them done or he would chunk them. LOL So this last week I have been working on find fabric for a nasty yet awesome chairs I found. Painting some furniture I have piled up and hanging my chalkboard in my kitchen. Here are some pictures of what I have been working on. 

This double wingback chair will be covered in ...

THIS!!! I love it!! 

This was my inspiration....

Phillip doesnt like the black wooden part especially. He likes the more clean lines, Pottery Barn style. He agreed to an Anthropologie like fabric though. So YAY! It will be ready in about 3 weeks. 

 The plain cabinet before...
The board I painted with chalkboard paint...
Spray Painting....
Painted and hung up!! ;)

I love it!! 

Next I painted this $15 table my mom found. 

I painted it a semi-glossy grey! It is going in my sisters room. I plan on painting something on the top and middle part of it. I just need some inspiration... ;) 

This frame was once a bronze, gold and ivory frame. I painted it bright white for my nieces shabby chic nursery. 

I wil post more pics once it is in her room and hung up. 

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