Tuesday, February 1

Snow Day Projects

It actually snowed here in West Texas last night! We have SNOW on the ground!! Since it snowed I decided to keep Parker home from school today so he could emjoy this rare occasion. Turns out he still doesn't like the snow. The fact that we have no heavy coat, gloves, scarf or hat probably has alot to do with it. We never need those things here. They have enjoyed running out side and filling cups up with snow and eating it. We have stayed in all morning doing "projects" and playing. I really wanted to finish my awesome $5.99 table I found, so I let the boys make a huge mess of their toys in the living room. Parker literally that I was the most amazing mom ever. He told me about 1,000 times how cool I was for letting him play in the living room. (They have their own room for toys...THEIR Playroom)
So here is what my table looks like after some TLC and some SBD magic...



I'm not sure yet what I want to put on it yet, but this will do for now.

Top Detail....

Voila!! Now I need some awesome hardware for the doors! The hunt is on!

 While the paint was drying before I could sand the top....I started on another project. I usually have 4 or 5 going at once. LOL My husband thinks I am crazy and I make him crazy. He will never understand me! :) 

I stole the idea from Anthropologie. 

Theirs is a little more blan and dull than I normally like and it is $$$ so I decided to do a little research and try to create my version of the piece. Here is what I have come up with so far...

I will fill each frame with a mirror after I find all the right size and antique them. All of these frames came from a local thrift store and cost me $12 all together. Not bad...


  1. Girl...you are sooo CREATIVE!!!! KUDOS ;)

  2. what a fun redo! LOVE the funkiness on the top-great job, you guys!

  3. Wow I love what you did with the end table, that's so funky!!


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