Tuesday, February 8

Toolboxes, Boys & Treats

I have been waiting for what seems like months but really has only been 10 weeks for our educational toolbox from our agency. I have never in my whole life been so excited to get a box full of books to read and work books to work through!! I absolutely cannot wait to dive into these and get this behind me. It again is one more step to mark off the list in our journey.

The Box!!

It's Contents!!

Alot of Reading!

We are still waiting on a referral. It is painful. Somedays the pain is bad other days I don't really think about the adoption much. Lately I have felt under attack but I am a fighter. And with The Living God by my side I can conquer all. The enemy tries to invade me and its not fair. The things he tells me are cruel but he can't have me. I am eagerly waiting our referral but no longer obsessing over it. I know that God is working out every tiny detail in her sweet life. Every detail is very important to him even her birthdate. We don't know who Emerson is yet but I know she is out there somewhere.

Our boys are doing great! They are exhausting and challenging but I wouldn't trade them for anything. They are always up to something, fighting about something, wrestling, playing crazy gun games and super hero adventures. They are Crazy and I will never know where there energy comes from. But...I love to hear them laugh and have a good time.

The UniTowel

 They came up with this all on their own ;)

I have been working on some projects around the house to keep me from stalking all the waiting children sites and to keep me from going crazy during this wait. I have been trying to figure out a color for my laundry room since we moved in back in 2009. I think I finally found the perfect color! I am so in love. It makes me want to do laundry. Hey! Maybe thats the trick to getting laundry done! A pretty laundry room! LOL. 

I LOVE the word "Agape" I got these letters from Anthropologie to remind me daily of God's love and to love like Christ loves. The Grey frame is a cheap frame a found and painted and strung some twine from one side of the frame to the other to clip our lost socks on! I love it and it really does help!

Here are my pretty new knobs from Anthropologie. They are so sweet! I love it. 

One last thing... I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I am leading a bible study with our life group girls this semester. It is called When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. It is great! If you haven't done it I highly recommend it. It is by Beth Moore! She rocks! But since the study started I have been feeling this heavy emotional depression anxiety stuff. I don't know what it is stemming from but I don't like it! Actually... I know it is the enemy. Today was an emotional day...for no reason. To cheer me up the boy whom I fancy and the boy whom I am bound to sent me a sweet treat! He is so good to me

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