Friday, March 11

Adoption Update... Month7

We are seven months into the process of adoption. It has been a wonderful journey. A journey that I often refer to as a battle because of all the blood sweat and tears that go into. There are changes being made in the Ethiopian process that are a little uncertain but I refuse to live my life worrying and being fearful of those things in which I cannot control. I know that my God, The Living God, is so much bigger then the ones standing in the way for all these precious kids coming home. God is for adoptions, the enemy hates adoption. Worrying doesn't add a day to our lives and I don't want to waste a single day in it.

Our agency contacted me this week and told me that Phillip and I have made it to the top of the list and we should be matched with our sweet girl within the next month or so. PRAISE THE LORD!! I am trying not to set my expectations really high but I can't help but think I could see Emerson's face within the next 30 days or so!! AMAZING!!

Our prayers right now are that God will have favor on our case and we will be submitted to court quickly and the birth family (if she has one) will have their court date not long after, and ours will be not to far behind that. They used to have them both in the same day. They have recently changed it to where the birth family or who ever is representing the child has their court appearance first. Then the adoptive parents will have theirs. This is good news because if there is a birth mother and she changes her mind we will know before we go to Ethiopia and before we spend time with Emerson and begin to bond with her. I cannot imagine getting there and loving on my baby and the family changing their mind and I have to go home without her. Ugh... just the thought of that breaks my heart.

We are praying that Emerson is healthy and that her blood is clean. We are praying that she somehow gets the nourishment that she needs and that no illness or disease will touch her body. We are praying for quick and smooth court dates and that the MOWA will have our letter ready and present in our file when our case is presented to the judge. We are also praying for God to continue to financially provide for our trips and for patience during the next few months.

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  1. jenna! that is so exciting, congrats that yall are getting so so close to sweet Emerson! I will be praying for yall for all the things you requested. just can't wait for this new little one in your family. love your comments about the drama going on in ET. that was comforting for me to hear too, I've been trying not to worry! going out of the country for a week & praying that my mind will rest while I"m there and that I won't be worrying/thinking about the ET drama too much. love you friend & let's get together when I get home!


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