Thursday, March 3

Three Moths Waiting

We are entering the third month of waiting.... I can't lie...I feel a little discouraged.... I thought for sure by now we would have been referred a child...We would have accepted her....We would have been submitted to court... Been given a court date.... And for sure be planning a trip to Ethiopia in March. But none of those things have happened. I am not sure how long I have to wait. But Lord.... I will praise you and serve you while I am waiting... I know God is good. He is just. He is faithful. He knows who Emerson is. He knows every detail about her. Those details are important to him. The Lord knows my ways. I will find rest in him and him alone. He is the perfect source of comfort and provider of peace. Sweet baby... where ever you are, I know you are mine.  I have conceived you in my heart and I love you like my own. You are my own. I will pray for you and I will find you. The Lord will bring you to me. I can't wait to see your precious face and smell your skin and kiss every toe on all of your feet. I can't wait to rock you and sing to you. You are so loved.

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