Tuesday, April 19

A Bag Full of Goodies

We get to send our little lady a bag full of goodies! 

I am so excited to send her this little bag of things the boys and I have collected over the last week. We had to stuff everything into a 2.5 gallon ziploc bag. It's a lot easier said then done! It was so hard for me to narrow done what to send her. And everything has to fit in this Tiny 2.5 gallon size bag comfortably. OMGEE!

 So heres what we decided to include:

2 T-Shirts
2 Ruffled Skirts
1 Blanket
3 Pairs of little girlie socks
1 Pair of jelly Dora flats
6 Plastic heart shaped bracelets (to share with her little friends)
1 little stuffed bear
1 Princess Ballerina Barbie
1 Beaded Zippered Owl Pouch from Pier 1 filled with :
                   2 Chapsticks
                   1 Little Mirror
                   1 Beaded Bracelet
                   1 Little Necklace
1 Blanket
2 Books
24 Suckers (again to share with her little friends)

And most importantly....

A photo album filled with pictures of her new family, home and friends!!! 

I wish I could be there when she gets to go through it all. I wish I could see the smile on her face when we sees all of her goodies and when she is told its from her new Mommy, Daddy and Brothers. She is so loved and I absolutely cannot wait to show her how much she is loved. 

We are still waiting on a court date. We are praying it will be in June! 

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