Wednesday, April 20

Because I am A Giving and Serving Boy

The other day I was telling Phillip I would like a "leisure" bike of my own to enjoy on family evenings. It was be so much fun to ride around the neighborhood together. I am on trying out a "new" cash budget so. I am finding this very difficult. I definitely put way more thought into where I spend my $$$ lately. So I am trying to figure out how I can save up for THE ONE that I want. If I am going to get a bike I am going to get one that I love. I mean a girl has to look cute on her bike right?!?! Here is what I am thinking...

Of course I will have to add a super cute sicker basket to the front. How cute would that be ?!

Any way... Parker over heard our conversation. 

Let me preface this by saying "Parker LOVES to go on bike rides! I mean LOVES!!! Especially now that he can go really fast with out his training wheels." 

Back to Parker eavesdropping on over hearing conversation. He has really big ears and he got really excited about the idea of family bike rides. I told him that mommy will have to save her money then I will buy one and we can go on bikes rides together whenever we want! A few moments later he ran into the laundry room and handed my a "surprise" See below...

He handed me $1.81 that he pulled out of his "Puppy Savings" jar. 
I asked him why he wanted me to have it and he replied, "Because you want a bike so you can ride bikes with me and I am a giving and serving boy. Now you can go buy your bike!" 



  1. That is too sweet! What a cutie :D

  2. I LOVE that boy!! He is one of the sweetest guys I know!!


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