Tuesday, April 26

Bed Buddy

Last night Phillip was in Dallas with some of his guy friends for the Mavericks game and a little pre-Birthday celebration for his good friend Jae. When Phillip goes out of town for a night I somewhat look forward to it because that means... Mommy is putting the kids to bed early. I am getting my comfies on and gathering a good little snack and drink and I am going to veg out while watching one of my recorded Girl shows. Like Army Wives. I like this time alone in my own house while it is dark and quiet. I tend to get a little fussy if it is interrupted. 

Well.... I spent a good part of yesterday looking forward to my nice quiet mommy evening. I thought about which shows I would watch or if I would rent a girl movie. What treat I would eat. Etc. Well that all came crashing down when my sweet little Beckham decided to take a 4 hour nap. 6 PM rolls around and he is still sleeping. I calculate in my head how many awake hours he will have if I woke him then. ONLY 2! No way that is not gonna fly. He is cramping my evening with his Monster of a nap. 

So I take a deep breathe (like on Ni Hao Kai Lan) and calm down. We will make the best of it. We will survive this. Phillip is going out of town for a whole week next week. You will have plenty of Mommy nights. This is how I coach my self through my anger annoyance .

So we did. We made the best of the evening. The boys made a HUGE pillow fort with an attached tunnel. We ordered Pizza and watched America's Funniest Videos. We had a good night. 

Bed time rolled around (9:45 tonight because of the Monster nap) and the boys were zonked. Parker fell asleep before I was done snuggling him in. Beckham just smiled and looked all dreamy eyed at me. 

I retired to my room and turned on the TV. I discovered Army Wives didn't record this week ;(. Booo! So I turned on Bravo and watched Betheny Ever After. Never watch that show! It is a waste of brain cells. Completely annoying! UGH! So I painted my nails. ;) Total Girl I know!! My mom called around 10:30 with some news which was pretty much a huge downer. My family is going through some really tough and nasty things. When you think of us remember to pray for us. God knows what it is just speak protection, wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to intervene and redeem this situation. 

So obviously I couldn't sleep because my mind was spinning so I decided to update my blog. See my new look isn't it pretty. I published a few posts I had been working on as well. 

I decided around 1:00 am that I would try to get some sleep so I would be a happy mommy today. When I went into my room this is what I found... 

My Little Bed Buddy 

We snuggled all night. Which means I didn't get much sleep at all. But today I am a happy Mommy because I have the two most handsome boys who LOVE to cuddle their mommy.
 (Parker later joined us somewhere between 2&3am because there were alligators in his bed)

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