Tuesday, April 26

Easter Recap

 Easter seemed to come WAY fast this year. Usually plan out really cute Matchy-Matchy out fits for everyone to wear on Easter Sunday but this year I COULDN'T PULL IT TOGETHER! I. Am. So. Annoyed. I know it isn't a huge deal or anything... well really it is in my world... but... My kiddos are little and these are the only years (and there aren't many of these only years left) I have to dress my boys in cutesy-matchy clothes.  I planned on gathering all of our outfits up last week but my family was hit with THE PLAGUE or as some call it... Strep Throat. The mother of all sicknesses. Let me tell you. If you have never had it, PRAY you don't EVER get it!! You think I am kidding but I am not. Seriously. Pray. Any-who... zooming back to Easter....

We celebrated Christ's resurrection at Church with our Church family. Our Church rocks. If you live in West Texas... It rocks enough to shout out to all the surrounding towns ;) Come visit us we'd love, love, love to have you! Ok one more time zooming back to Easter....

After we attended first service and then taught 5,000 3 yr. olds at 2nd service we headed to my parents house for the long and highly anticipated Egg Hunt. Parker was stoked about the eggs this year. I am thinking next year we will begin in on the egg boiling and decorating tradition... Hmmm we shall see...

Here is a recap of the day in photos...

And They're Off!!

 Checking Out Mimi Awesome Easter Bunny

 Phillip and Mimi playing videographer

 Phillip Looking all sexy and model-esque HEHE (can I say sexy on here haha)

 Sweet Ellie

 Cousins! They Love Each Other!!

 Awe!! Me and my LOVE... mmm...

And Me snuggling our new little Easter Egg!! 

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