Thursday, April 7

Emerson Updates

We are still waiting on Medical reports. She went to the Dr. last week and it is killing me not knowing the results of everything. I received an email this morning saying that we are being submitted to court this coming Monday. This time next week it should be confirmed. I think it takes a couple of weeks after you have been submitted to hear what your court date will be. We are praying hard that it will be before August 1st. Ethiopia closes its courts down from August1-October1. We are beating heavens doors down for a June or July Court date. Embassy doesn't close so maybe we will have her hear by September.... PLease pray with us for

All required documents to be obtained on the ET side
Court and Embassy Dates to come quickly
Emerson to be safe and healthy

I have to share this picture with you. Emerson has the cutest corn rows. Check 'em out. HAHA!


  1. Hi Jenna, Just found your blog from CCI website. We too are being submitted to court tomorrow for a little boy bw 18-24 months! We are in prayer for quick court dates, also! Looking forward to possibly journeying with you guys!

  2. love all the updates! praying for sweet Emerson and your family. can't wait to hang out tomorrow night!!!!!!!!


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