Thursday, April 7

Flying Ben

We have a kite and his name is Ben. He is a shark kite. Luckily for us, if you want to call it lucky, everyday in the good ole west Texas is a good day for kite flying. So last night we gathered up Ben and flew him high. The boys love it. I love to see them get excited about the simple things in life.

Super hero Beckham

Daddy flew Ben into the neighbors yard 

He's safe...Tada!!

While flying Ben the boys found a "bug"hole in an empty lot. Parker hated it. Beckham loved it. Parker was terrified of what might come out of it. Beckham was curious what might come out of it. Beckham enjoyed terrorizing Parker by poking sticks down in the whole and throwing trash in there. Beckham is 2 Parker is 5. He is 5 and a big ole baby. But I love it, I think its sweet. 

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