Wednesday, April 27

A Kid with Style

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter in Parker school bag from the Nurse telling me that I needed to take him to the eye doctor because he had failed his vision test 3 times during their normal spring screening. I didn't even know they did that in pre-school. So I called my Doctors office and made him an appt. That appointment was today & I all I can say is... I. NEED. A. NAP. The child is impossible. He is 100% boy to the bone!!! Sometimes I don't think it would be wise to claim him in public. (For humility reasons of course) He is not a bad kid. Just a very active and spirited kid. He is very intelligent and blindly honest. Sometimes I wish I could put a harness on his mouth. HAHA Like in the waiting room while waiting to see the Dr. he made friends with the cool teenage boy who was playing the video games. This guy was trying to get his mom's attention so she could sit next to him but she just walked off like she didn't hear a thing. A moment later she sits next to Parker and Parker proceeds to say "Do you ever listen to your son?" The lady "HAHA no why?!" Parker: "Oh I can tell because he was talking to you and you just walked off. Maybe you should listen to him." OMG!!!!!! He is not mine!! I apologized to the lady for Parkers judgement and honesty with her. She at least thought it was hilarious and DIED laughing. WHEEEWWW!!! I skirted across utter humiliation.

Getting Parker to actually cooperate during the examine was quite the challenge. He was squirmy and talkative and just well curious of all his surroundings. He did great though for a 5 yr. old.

Well the results were revealed and in all honesty I was hoping that the Dr. would say the nurse made a mistake and he has perfect vision. But he doesn't. In fact they told me he is really far sided and is +6 (whatever that means). He needs glasses. The Dr. told me this is probably the root of Parkers frustration with handwriting and flashcards at school. He said he probably dislikes it so much because it is uncomfortable to focus on his up close activities. Bummer.... Definitely not what I was wanting to hear but glad we have answers. I guess better to catch it now then later down the road when we are having major issues. 

I know it's kinda vain or superficial or whatever you want to call it but I didn't really want my handsome little guy in glasses so little. I didn't want to have to face the fact that some little bully at school may call him 4 eyes or poke fun of him with his glasses. I didn't want to have to reassure him that he is great and his glasses are cool because he is having insecurities about his appearance so young. These are all things I know the Lord will take care of. Parker right now LOVES his new look. I pray that there will be no little bully to pick on him but everyone will love his new look as well. 

On a positive note... The kid has STYLE.  He went right to a really cool pair of Ray Bans and told me that those were the ones he wanted and that they looked super cool. I have to agree.....


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  1. Very cool style Parker!! He must have gotten your sense of fashion!! Great choice!! Who could make fun of him in those "movie star" glasses? So glad that he'll be able to see-from a Mommy AND teacher point of view.


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