Thursday, April 7

A New York Getaway Part2


After shopping non stop for 10 hours we went to a little Mediterranean restaurant in the meatpacking district called Fig and Olive. I wish I had of taken pictures while we were there, but I was so tired and starving from walking for what seemed like 100 miles all I thought about was my yummy food. This is another restaurant I HIGHLY recommend. Here is a picture of the restaurant from their website.

The next day we headed into NJ to meet one of Phil's clients. It was so much fun. We spent the day sightseeing around his town and sprtolled along the boardwalk, had some delicious dinner and just enjoyed hanging out. It was nice to get out of Manhattan and see real life. I could for sure live there. It was beautiful. It definetly had al the New England charm I love. Quiet and Quaint but only a 45 min boat ride into the City. His clients dad made my day by asking my if I was Italian. I blushed and smiled and gracious said no. He is full blood Italian. I love the Italian culture, less the whole Mob thing LOL. 

It was a good trip but I definitely missed the boys. I was glad to get home to them and kiss their little dirty faces and nibble on their stinky little toes. I love my life with my children. They make it feel complete and actually worth something. I cannot wait to get all three of them under the same roof. 

Oh... Emerson!!! How could I forget??? Shopping in NYC for a little girl is DANGEROUS!!!! I am dead serious. Every where I turned I was like...OH I MUST HAVE THAT FOR HER!! .... OH BABE LOOK!!!! SHE WOULD LOOK PRECIOUS IN THAT!!! The hard thing is...we haven't met her yet. So we don't know how big she is. I gave in anyway a on a few things.... I couldn't stand it.... Here is some of her new wardrobe...

Check out that little outfit!! OMG the cutest thing ever!! 

I bought all 2-3T hoping they fit.... If not my niece will have a few more pieces in her wardrobe ;)

One las thing... We stayed in the sweetest boutique hotel... Boutique Hotels are privately owned. It felt like a little apartment in the city. It was so fun. Here is a photo of the outside of the hotel....
It was perfectly located between 6th Ave and 5th Ave on 44th. Right in the middle of the two biggest shopping areas ;)

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