Tuesday, April 26

Our Little Easter Egg

 Brittleigh Jade was born this last Friday! Just in time for Easter. Jill and I referred to her as our little Easter Egg. She is sooo cute and tiny. I had the pleasure of watching my own two boys all day friday as well as Ellie who is only 4 months older then Beckham. It was a blast but... Gawly I was TIRED by the end of it all. It makes me nervous for when little "M" gets here. (She is Beckham's age). We waited/played/got on everyones nerves all day Friday in the tiny waiting room at the hospital. It was worth it to get to be there for Brittleigh's arrival. I am proud to be an aunt again to 2 really sweet sisters! I love my girls!

Playing dress-up in the waiting room ;)

She's HERE!!!

Goopy eyed Brittleigh

Showing Ellie her NEW sister for the first time! 

She was a little nervous... 

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