Tuesday, April 26

PB Knock Off Progress

 With all of this wind and sickness flying about here... It makes it hard for a girl to get anything down. Come On Wind... I need to paint!! Here is a little peak at the progress I made today on the bedroom suite I am working on.

Nice BIG dresser bought off of craigslist

With the same blue color as the nightstand found in an earlier post

Here is a little peak at a couple other project I have going right now too. I bought this little desk for Parker at The Antique Mall here in Midland for $25. I love the little cubby under the seat. It is so cute. 

As I was prepping it to sand look at this little stamp I found on the back. Property of Lubbock ISD. I always wonder what the story is for my old pieces I redo. Like I wonder what age child used this deck? Which little girl or boy had a crush and "A" who is carved on the top of the desk with a little heart next to it? What did the child day dream about? Where are they now? I know... I am a crazy person... I have admitted my craziness now lets move on... HA!

And here is my progress on the play kitchen I am making out of an old bread cabinet from my Nanny's kitchen. :)

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