Tuesday, April 26

Simplify Grow Create

 Our Family Plan for this year has been going great. I don't mention it to Phillip alot...or maybe ...Never... but I always think about these 3 little things I have set my heart on accomplishing this year. I introduced you to my Little Plan back in January. My plan...was to write about these areas every month. Well it is April and I haven't written about them. That doesn't mean I haven't completed or reached these goals each month, it just means well... I am a bad blogger.

The area that drives me the most crazy and I get the most satisfaction from is the Simplify category. My life tends to get so busy and so crazy. (I am not one of those people who likes to brag about or boast about how crazy consumed all of my time is) In fact I love a simple SLOW life. I don't like clutter in my house or things outside of the house to clutter my life.

Specifically one area of simplifying that I have been working on for months is De-Cluttering. All. This. Junk!!! I hate opening my cabinets and seeing a bunch of non sense! It makes my hyper ventilate and then I start slamming drawers and doors out of clutter frustration. Yuck!

In February, we cleaned out the attic. It was a huge deal to me to get all the baby stuff out and all the other junk out. I cannot stand useless stuff in storage. (I am very opinionated about this can't you tell) In March I cleaned out/or tried to clean out the hall closet and the laundry room cabinets. We have so much stuff that we NEVER USE or even realize we have. Yuck! This month, April, I have cleaned out "M"'s room and closet. I sold Beckham's old crib *tear* and I am working on cleaning out other things. I am getting ready to CREATE her room.

This is the dresser I am going to repaint for her room

This is the sweet little bed I found for $30 for her room.

As far as Growing... We have read all the way through Parker's bible and I am looking for a more advanced bible to read through with him. He loves it and he soaks it all in. I want to preserve this sweet time of curiosity in him. I am at the end of my David study by Beth Moore. It is amazing. I am about to start up Daniel by Beth Moore as an early summer study. Phillip is my spiritual GIANT I am amazed at him daily. He is an amazing leader to me and I praise God daily for redeeming his life and instilling in him a wisdom I do not have. We are trying hard to grow spiritually as a family. We are trying to change the face of our family and we are trying hard to model our lives after Christ for our boys to see. Who better disciples a child then his parents? As far as growing our family in numbers... We have meet our sweet daughter. Not face to face but my heart has met her face and we are completely in LOVE! We are continuing to pray for our Little Lady and that she will be in our arms and home soon. We also have a new member of our family and I will tell you all about that on a different day...

This is the Bible we were reading... I highly recommend it! 

Creating... This is an on going thing in this house. I will have new pictures of my creations soon. I just need to sort through and make sense of what I have going on right now. LOL So many projects so little time. ;)

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  1. Can't wait to see "M's" big girl room ;) I bet it will be just precious!!!!


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