Tuesday, April 19

When Momma is Down and Out...

....The kids seem to be extra whiney... Daddy is about to check into an insane asylum... Laundry is piled way high (it looks like a mini mount everest of fabric and fibers)...dishes are getting crusty and there just might be mold growing on my rags... Gross right... I should be ashamed.

This past saturday I had crazy energy. I am not sure where it came from because I don't remember having more then 1 cup of Java before my feet hit the ground running. But, I accomplished a lot and finally called it quits around 10:30 that night. Well.... If only I knew what lie ahead of me I would have kept working. We called in sick at church (we teach 3yr olds every Sunday) because Parker has this weird rash around his mouth. My mom was certain it was impetigo. I didn't really think so but, she urged me to keep him home just incase. Well we kept him home reluctantly. Everything seemed fine that morning. I went out a painted a coat of paint on some furniture I have been working on then around 2:00 I felt like a train hit me. I had to lay down. It was awful. My skin hurt, my ears hurt, my throat hurt and just about every other part of my body hurt. On top of that Phillip started to ache and Parker rash now looked blistery and crusty, kinda like.... you guessed it .... impetigo. Bummer!! Actually TRIPLE BUMMER! Needless to say I laid in bed all day. Phillip took care of the boys and put them to bed. (He is a keeper) Monday morning rolls around and OMGEE we have been hit with something. We call a doc and drag our sad little selves in. The verdict is STREP! UGH!! I knew it. My throat felt like death and there is only one thing that could make it feel like that and that, is STREP! Oh and mom, you were right, Parker has impetigo. ;(

Phillip let me lay in bed all day while he tried his hardest to care for our little devils angles and our house. Monday was a blur I literally slept all day.

Today we are both at about 50%. and Parker's little rash is WAAAYY better.

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