Wednesday, May 18

Battle Wound

 This past Sunday I was called out of my class to go tend to my apparently "bleeding" child. I walked down the hall towards his class thinking that it wasn't really a big deal. I mean Beckham always has some kind of battle wound. He is just rough and rowdy. You never see him without some kind of scrape, bump or bruise on his face. And it is ALWAYS his face. But the closer I got the more worried I got. He was really crying. Harder then usual. I walked in al his teacher was consoling him. I looked closer and both of their shirts were covered in blood. Not just a couple little spot. But I'm tellin' ya...big ole make you weak at your knees blood spots.

Beckham and one of his little friends got into a little tiff. His friend pushed him and he fell into a cabinet, bumped his noggin (which had a huge goose egg and a slash across it) and proceeded to bite THROUGH his bottom lip.

He looked so sad a pitiful I couldn't help but take a pic to send to his daddy (who wasn't there because he was participating in his first TRIATHLON!! Go Daddy)

I took Beckham to class with me. He felt big in the 3 yr old room. And decided to make him feel even more special and took him to big church with me. He did great in church until the last 15 minutes when he decided he needed to poop, so we bailed and ran to the bathroom.

Here is a sweet little pic of Beckham worshiping with his friend Jake in big church.

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