Tuesday, May 31

Beach Trip Part 2

 After a long day pf driving and shopping and getting the kids to bed Phil and I were pretty pooped. We crashed fast. As we were getting ready to leave the Hotel room that morning Phillip stopped mid sentence and panicked. He realized he left the car parked under the awning infront of the hotel ALL night!!! So embarassing. I am sure the people at the Omni will always remember us as the crazies who just left their car by the hotel door all night like we were special or something!! HA!!

Any way... after shamfully walking past the front desk and the doorman we loaded up in the car, had a good laugh and hit the road. On the way to the Isalnd (which is 5 more hours away) we drove through a little town called Los Fresnos, Texas. Phillip lived here as a yound child and he wanted to show us his old 'hood. We drove past his old stompin grounds...the library, the playground where he used to get chased, the old store where he used to use his quaters to get a coke and a watermelon chili sucker. It was fun to see his excited about showing us where he used to live.

One of his Childhood homes...

One of his Childhood Streets....

Reminiscing on when he used to get chased. ;)

Beach Trip Continued....

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  1. Sooo fun!!! We used to go to padre every summer growing up & we always stopped in San Antonio the night before the drive to eat & spend the night in a fun hotel! Love the family trip!! Love Phillips shirt ;)


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