Tuesday, May 31

Beach Trip Part 3

We made it!!!!!
After a long day in the car it was great to finally make it to the beach! It was so fun to see the kids faces light up as we crossed over the bridge leaving Port Isabel heading towards Padre Island. Parker had been talking about this moment for weeks. And Finally!! He.Made.It!!

Here is the view from our Suites Balcony. It was beautiful! 

Parker was alittle scared of the Ocean at first. He was so worried about SHARKS and the undertow. Phillip had to hold his hand and reassure him that there was not going to be any sharks up this far on the beach and as long as he was with a parent and was holding one of our hands he would be fine. 
So Phillip grabbed his hand and walked his cute little feet out to touch the Ocean for the first time. I love the ocean (though I have only seen it 2xs) so this was a special moment for me.
My feet in the Ocean (or Gulf of Mexico which ever)

Beckham being sicked out by the sand.

He got over it HA!

Here is a funny Video of Beckham chasing the Sea Gulls. Watch him eat the bread the lady gives him at the end! He cracks me up!


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