Tuesday, May 31

Beach Trip Part 4

 Wednesday night Phillip's sisters and mom drove down to the Island to have dinner with us. We ate a a little restaurant called Daddy's. It was a Cajun seafood restaurant. I hated my food so I wouldn't recommend it but, Phillip loved his and would ;) I did how ever like the fried alligator. It was pretty yummy as long as it was dipped in the spicy sauce that came with it.

On thursday we took the kids to Schlitterban it was fun. It is a small park so after 2 hrs they were bored and ready to go back to the beach. They LOVED the beach. So we went back and spent the day digging hole, building castles and diggin' up crab holes and diggin' through their underground routes and tunnels.

Oil in the sand!! I guess phil dug to deep HA!

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