Friday, May 20

Buffman & Squeaky Triathlon

 My husband is so MACHO. I just need you all to know that now. I have been so impressed with him over the last year. He has amazed me to no end and continues to amaze me each day. Some of you may not know him very well but over the last 12 months my husband has made a radical turn around.  Last May Phillip and I made an outward commitment to follow Jesus and accept his Lordship over our lives by being baptized. Phillip best friend Jae (Lana's husband) baptized him and then Phillip baptized me. It was special, beautiful, intimate and just all around perfect! After that day the Holy Spirit began to remove radically in Phillip's heart as well as my own. We felt the calling to adopt and said YES, WE have stepped up in new leadership roles, our marriage is great and we have new discipline in our lives that we have never had before. I have blogger about most of the previously listed changes in our lives but I don't think I have mentioned the discipline.

Last Septemeber Phillip made his mind up that he was going to loose the weight he had been wanting to loose fro awhile and he was going to particiapte in a Triathalon! I nearly fainted when he told me that. I knew he could do it and I knew he would do it great. Everything he sets out to do, he does it great! So September marked the beginning of a new goal. Phillip totally believes that if it weren't for the disicpline the Holy Spirit has given him he wont have been as successful at this as he has been. He has trained in 0 degree weather, in 100 degree weather, in the crazy West Texas wind, in the snow (yes we occasionally get a few flecks of snow) and in the rain. He has trained when he has felt sick. He amazes me. I can't even run down the block. I'm tellin ya. I pray daily for just an ounce of his discipline and dedication.

Well...6 months and -80lbs later... he got to compete in a Triathlon! I was so proud of him all day! I wasn't able to be there. I had to man the 3 yr old class at church alone. (that is a race in itself... i'm just sayin) My heart was definitely with him. And he did SOOO good! Way to go BABE! I am super proud of you!

He still makes my heart Flutter!

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I told you... He's totally MACHO!!

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