Monday, May 9

Celebrating Sophia Lynn

My dear friend Lana is about to welcome her 5th baby. I can;t even believe it! Little Sophia will make number 5 in the Lewis clan. It wasn't long ago that her and I would sit around talking about how sweet it is to only have little boys and how sweet a small family. Ha! We had no clue what was right around the corner. Well... 9 months my sweet friend and her sweet little family of 4 are becoming a family of 7!!! Holy Moly God is good and hilarious!!  Lana is a very special friend to me and this last year has been a big year for us. Her and her husband have walked with Phillip and I through a lot of "Funk", "Change" & "Growth". They have held our hand through this while adoption process and we have been able to hold their hand through theirs as well. Now we are getting to celebrate this little life that God has given them. God has BIG plans for this family and I am excited to walk life with them. A couple of weekends ago her family and a few close friends threw her a little dinner at a quaint little place in Odessa called Yana's (it is a really yummy European cafe) to celebrate little Sophia's life. It was so fun to be apart of this little celebration.

The group

My Yummy Chicken Crepes

Lana's mother-in-law wrote her a sweet princess story about Sophia. 

The creme burle was to DIE for.

Dear Friends

Lana with sweet Elaine

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